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FULL SCREEN AD (1920 pixels width x 1080 pixels height).  Our virtual event program will be played throughout the evening during the VIP reception, at the beginning of the show, and at the conclusion of the night. The electronic version of the event program will be available on the TS Alliance website. Tribute screens allow you to honor a loved one or our event honoree. All images are color format JPEG or PDF.

We will assist you in the preparation of your material if necessary.

Please provide logo, copy and any special requirements.

The deadline for receipt of all artwork is March 15, 2017.

Ads can be emailed to


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Pick up your Key at the event.  

Unlock the Cure raises funds to support the TS Alliance’s next generation research program, committed to driving research forward by moving potential treatments along the path from the lab (pre-clinical) to the TSC community (clinical trials) more rapidly and efficiently.  

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